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East or West, India Is The Best

Vinati Sukhdev

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Priyanka Vermani

I felt as if I have traveled so much in this book as the experiences are covered from across continents. Extremely interesting read and definitely informative based on personal experiences and observations. Having spent a few years in London, I was able to relate to the author's stance on so many issues.

Suman Chhabria Addepalli

Very nice book, as a parent, even though I am not an NRI, there were a lot of takeaways for me.:)

The Epic Indian Novel

Deepak Kaul

Selected for eBook publication by BGB

Runjhun Noopur

A very clever retelling and a lot fun to read too! It is not easy to adapt something like Mahabharat in context that is contemporary and yet still manage to retain the primary essence of the tale.


Great job! Capturing the essence of the epic with corporate life and told with humour


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New Arrivals

'Where are your parents, Miss Turner?' Corrine has heard the same question a million times, and she knows that the game is up. Abandoned by her father, Corrine and her brother have been on their own for the past many years, always on the road, searching for him. Each new place gives Corrine a chance to become a new person, never the same one as before, but in her attempts to find her father and get her family back, she has lost herself along the way. Enter Tyler, the genial boy next door with quite a few secrets of his own, who makes her want to stay in one place and rediscover herself. But just when Corrine starts to open up, she finds herself back at square one: locked out and looking from the outside, unable to help a loved one. Will she break all the rules of the life she had chosen and stay? Or will she leave again, without saying goodbye?
What will happen if an IIT graduate, with a foreign Master’s, a PhD from Michigan, a postdoctorate from MIT and Harvard, turns down an offer of a faculty position at Stanford University to come back home to India to join a reputable, new university called Federal Comprehensive University at Barakotla. Will he succeed or fail tremendously? “Professors Gone Wild” takes you on a wild journey to find an answer. Barakotla is a historic place, an ancient site of Indus Valley Civilization that existed in third millennium BC and was known for city planning and civil engineering. Satnam Singh Rugga’s passion for Barakotla’s history and commitment to make a difference do bring him back to India, but he soon realizes that he has ended up at not less than a stone age, where “might is right” is still in practice. The world had progressed in other part of the world but not in this campus. On one hand, he has a dream to make FCU a world class university befitting the technological history of the very place, the realities on the other hand is just the opposite. Satnam has to struggle for his own survival because of the tyrannous President of the university, Professor Nagrup. He takes on the morally corrupt University President, but has to first fight an enemy within - his remorse for coming back to India, the resulting depression, alcoholism, resulting hallucinations, and even worse, his memory of being some Raghav Paul who was born in the stone age and brought up in the twenty second century AD. To aid him are just the knowledge about the glorious past, dreams about the splendid future, teachings of his mentor Prof. Mayur Goyal and support of a new colleague Dr. Prembihari Sinha.
'You are in real, real danger’ – a school teacher gets a creepy warning in his mailbox. Seven days later, he massacres eleven of his own students. Two months later, he is gunned down in broad daylight by an obscure militant outfit. Justice served. The nation pacified. Case closed, the police say. But, two crime reporters think otherwise. Seeking redemption through this case are Prakash and Seema, ace journalists in their professional lives, but broken individuals in the darkness of their personal hells. As they dig deeper into the mystery, they are led into the ominous forests of Bandhavgarh where an eerily similar massacre had occurred eight years ago. Little do they know that they have kicked a wasp’s nest. One by one their leads start turning up in body bags and they are chased by assassins at every corner. Soon they would realize that they are pitted against evil powers pervading the business and political DNA of the country, with an unbelievably sinister agenda. As a massive terrorist strike looms over the nation, will Prakash and Seema survive long enough uncover a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions? Photo credit: Simon Howden /

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