One Beautiful Life
Sanjay Thakur,

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Living a meaningful life is never easy. It takes more than a human to make sense of it all. We

have lived here many lives yet life remains an enigma, a conundrum. Everybody has a story to

tell. And each story is a lesson learnt. Yet there is so much new we can know, and so much new

we can do. Life, seamless as it is, continues to enthrall us all.

‘One Beautiful Life’ is life's browser refreshed!

It offers lemon fresh perspectives on some of the most important aspects of life such as, purpose

of life, mind, family, values, and success. For you must catch the spirit of your life and times.

It derives its wisdom from the worlds old and new. It’s a result of wisdom dawned upon from the

natural world and smartness imbibed from the world man-made. It detoxicates your life from the

insanity of sameness. It encourages you examine your ways of life and suggests you remedies

you can take all in your stride.

It exceeds your expectations from life. It asks you be good until it hurts you remaining sane. It

gives you courage to reclaim your life. It shows you how you must stop repeating yourself, your

people and your times. It breathes a breath of fresh air in your life as it breaks many old rules and

sets new. Only to break them tomorrow!

Bold and simple in its assertion ‘One Beautiful Life’ promises more freedom, warmth, love and

fun in your life.

Now, live original. Live anew.

Live the spirit of life and your times.

Live a life which lives it all!

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Why do self help book have to be boring and drone on and on?
This is the major issue with your book. Some of what you are saying makes sense, but you have to remember that the heavier you make your content, the more people will shy away from it.
Also - your cover is really awesome, however I hope that you spend some time editing the manuscript, even if it is just a rough one.

Feb 25 '16

harish prasad

This was my first book on BGB. I think there is very much to learn about from the content

Jan 12 '16


Nice cover.Wow...those are really some beautiful words.It gives an insight on leading a meaningful life.I enjoyed reading it.I would really love to read more of your books.Thanks a lot.

Dec 13 '15

Geetha Krishnan

Extremely boring and failed to hold my interest from page one. Just not my cup of tea here

Dec 03 '15

Sundari Venkatraman

Dec 01 '15

K. Bhatia

The book appears to be a conglomeration of many books on positive thinking. The author, by including so many quotes (sometimes two or more quotes in continuation on a single page) has given an impression that he is lacking in original thoughts by himself. In all seriousness, humour is totally missing!

Nov 09 '15

Purnima Bora

This book is a reflection of mind thoughts.actions.what lead to what next.a series of contributions make a beautiful life. One must go through the pages and it is going to help to find which we all seek but are inaware of.

Nov 08 '15

Kanwar Vikrant

Well done Sanjay....its an attempt to distill old wine in a new bottle with brilliant taste of new additives.....Really Invigorating

Nov 06 '15


A well-written book indeed. Thanks Mr. Sanjay Thakur for bringing up this book to the public. The book is full of optimism and creates full enthusiasm, much needed in this world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. After reading this book, an optimistic person would feel that positive things surround him/her everywhere. I would love to read more and more books like this from the author.

Nov 02 '15

Ruchi Singh

Very well written self-help book. I particularly liked the simple way of presenting things and reference from our culture and mythology. Key would be to see what is there in the coming chapters and whether there is enough to hold the reader's attention. All the best, keep writing.

Oct 26 '15

Ashish Bharti

I was too eager for the lauch of this book but somehow i expected more. One has to be patient to understand the magnitude of such simple yet mysterious meaning of life,beleives and values. It was refreshing to view life and the spirit of life through the eyes of the writer. I was swayed by the Abrahm's letter and it filled me with lifelong learnings.

Oct 14 '15


This book tells us how to live our life in beautiful manner. If we set some small-small things in our life then our life will change in huge way. book says we all have only one life, only one opportunity, instead of wasting this opportunity choose a fruit-full life,set your mind, choose your values, your people and finally choose your life. Book reads what is best possible way to decorate your life, Instead of argument with other see inside your body, your soul and choose among your best one.

Oct 12 '15


Respected Sir, Please accept my thanks and congratulations on the success.
I recently had the good fortune of reading your book “One Beautiful Life”. It was well-written and contained sound, practical advice and suggestion. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I think the book was a great motivator for everyone who needs a little extra push. Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing.
I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.

Oct 09 '15

Pravesh Painuly

Finally it has come out. Your first book, which i have always anticipated. Thank you for this wonderful guide to life-companions. Cover is too fascinating. Many many congratulations Sir !!!

Oct 02 '15

Omprakash Gupta

Excellent work Sanjayji. Keep writing.
My best wishes are with you

Sep 30 '15


One Beautiful Life by Sanjay Thakur is a simple guide to a meaningful and purpose-driven life. It does not intrude into your psyche -- his mantras for an effective life envelops you and slowly settles in. Those who are agitated in mind, body and soul, and those who are yet to find their rhytmin life, are advised to read this book. Yes, I agree, it is a beautiful life that we are gifted with --and we must make the most of it.

Sep 28 '15

Deepak Kaul

Lovely cover and obviously a lot of work and research has gone into writing this manuscript. However, I am sceptical about there being any doubt about where we came from, though there might be some doubts about where we go. But ashes to ashes, dust to dust is fairly given. I am also highly sceptical about The Da Vinci Code having a 'life-changing' impact. At that rate, all of us aught to be running around trying to be wizards. Chapters are TOO long.

Sep 24 '15

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