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Bloody Good Book is a not-for-profit eBook publishing venture by author Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel.

Our ultimate ambition is to radically change the publishing business and help original, talented authors get published. In order to achieve these goals, Bloody Good Book seeks to move away from the traditional ways of finding new books and authors, and instead chooses the power of crowd sourcing, crowd curating and the Internet to find the next great book.

Ours is a fast-growing, dynamic start-up, and we are always looking for people interested in books and in learning about publishing and social media. As you can see, your role will be varied and no two days will be the same. You will get the chance to find out your strengths on the job and have the chance to immerse yourself in every aspect of publishing.

To know more about Bloody Good Book, please visit our How It Works and Team pages. 

Bloody Good Book is a division of Bushfire Publishers LLP. Bushfire Publishers is also involved in writing, editing and publishing books on eminent personalities and organizations.

We are based out of Mumbai. 

Current Openings
Assistant Editor
Positions Available: 1

Location: Mumbai

This is a full-time role for a candidate who can start immediately.

1) Should be an English Literature/Mass Communication/Mass Media/Journalism graduate

2) Should be interested in books, writing and contributing in a significant way to the process of publishing.

3) Should be a well-spoken, well-read individual.

4) Should be interested in social media, long and short form content creation for the Web, and blogging.

5) Should be open to travelling within India.

6) Should be a creative and lateral thinker, and a self-starter.


1) Participated in organising festivals/events in colleges or otherwise.

2) Interested in writing fiction/non fiction or blogs.



1) Reading, reviewing unpublished manuscripts and giving editorial feedback.

2) Copyediting and proofreading.

3) Play an integral role in every step of the publishing process from selection of manuscript to publicity to publishing.

Marketing and Promotions

1) Get involved in organising and conducting promotional activities for BGB and the books we publish at festivals and workshops at colleges across India.

2) Devise innovative forms of guerrilla marketing on the ground as well as online

3) Actively participate in creating exciting, new, creative content online to attract users.

Bushfire Duties

1) Conducting extensive interviews for books

2) Writing, copy editing, proofreading, transcribing

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Administrative Assistant
Positions Available: 1

Location: Mumbai


This is a full-time role for a candidate who can start immediately.

1) Should be an intelligent, well-spoken college graduate (BA/BCom).

2) Should be around 25-35 years old.

2) Should be computer and email literate.

3) Should have good communication skills-written and verbal-with good command over English.

5) Should be particular, efficient with an eye for detail.

6) Should be professional, dedicated, and excellent organizational skills.

7) Should have excellent problem solving capabilities.


1)Prepare, organize, and manage interview schedules/appointments for Bushfire

2)Provide assistance for organizing of promotional activities.

3)Provide administrative support for tasks related to BGB website and published books.

4)Reviewing/answering emails and phone calls.

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Chief Publishing Wizard
Positions Available: 1

This is a full-time role for a candidate who can start immediately.

We are seeking a publishing professional with 6-7 years experience in the industry to join us and take this platform to the next level. The role is entrepreneurial and hence the title 'Chief Publishing Wizard'.

Remuneration will be as per industry standards. Work environment is open and collaborative. The position is based in Mumbai. 


1) You will work directly with the founders (bestselling author Rashmi Bansal and Niyati Patel) in building a limited but high quality list of fiction and non-fiction titles every year.

2) You will explore and push the boundaries of e-publishing in India with new formats, new methods of distribution and promotion

3) You will be responsible for ideating and executing an annual event which brings writers and publishers together (not a literary festival, more like a conference)

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Marketing Executive
Positions Available: 1

This is a full-time role for a candidate who can start immediately. This position is based in Mumbai.

We are hunting for a marketing professional with a creative bent of mind. Here's what he/she should want to do.

1) He/she should be interested in selling a story through telling a story, which means that they should be interested in stories and books.

2) He/she should be looking for a long-term association with Bloody Good Book, and should want to grow with the company.

3) He/she should always be looking for creative, unorthodox and effective ways of marketing books online and offline.

Now getting to the brass tacks.

1) Should have had a 3-5 years of experience as a marketing professional. 2) Should demonstrate experience in digital and social media marketing.

Job responsibilities

1) Innovating new ways of marketing different books offline and online.

2) Playing an integral role in promoting and advertising Bloody Good Book and it's website

3) Promoting and advertising a new event concept currently being devised by the core team of BGB.

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