Che Isn't Just A T-Shirt
Dibyajyoti Sarma

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Behind the mysterious and inaccessible blue hills of the North East of India, there is a battleground, where brave young men sacrifice themselves for their country, where instead of water, in the rivers flow blood. In the Brahmaputra Valley, in the plains of Assam, this war took a tumultuous turn in the 1990s when the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) declared armed revolution against the Indian state for the land’s sovereignty. It is for the historians to debate the cause and effect of the strife, whether it was a Freedom Movement, or Acts of Terrorism; the resultant effect, however, destroyed a whole generation of Assamese youngsters.

These nine stories survey the aftermath of this devastation, and take a long, hard look on the survivors, the fallen heroes who dreamt of a future that did not materialize and yet, who could not let go of that dream – people who dwell in the wasteland between a lost past and an unrealized future.

Diganta decides to finish it all, during his mission to blow up a bus. Akan returns home 18 years later, only to realize that he no longer belonged there. A cannabis-addict is forced to confront his past, as he shelters a member of the Front at his house. Bidyut comes to meet Nandini, his one true love, on the day of her wedding, to ask why she agreed to marry Mrigen, once his comrade, now a surrendered militant. Biplob leaves Assam and tries to build his life anew when the past catches up. The journey of two revolutionaries mirrors the journey of Sukafa, the first Ahom King, who crossed the Patkai hills to claim this uncharted land. Binoy realizes how his fate is intertwined with the history of the land. Sandeep, an Army Jawan, finds friends in enemies. Aminur meets his long-lost friend Mihir and becomes witness to a terrible prediction.

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Nov 01 '14

Shruti . R

I did not really join this website with an intention to review books but simply to explore. But after reading this book I could not help but write something.
First things first, this must be published! It is a fine piece of writing. So simple and touching. It has that Indian touch to it and this very touch is its essence. It seems the author is writing about real places and people( I am sure they must be inspired by real people.)
I did not find even a single word written unnecessarily. Every word is important and written it seems because the author wanted to and felt something about it.
So far i have only read 35 pages or so but I am going to read all the 164 pages. It is a brilliant!

Oct 03 '14

Niyati Shinde

Nice stories :-) a bit lengthy but good nonetheless. Good writing style. The stories made me laugh and cry! Would love to read the rest of the collection.

Sep 19 '14

Amish Sharma

Somehow loved this book; only good readers will understand.

Sep 10 '14

Uday Satpathy

Having spent my childhood in Bongaigaon and Silchar, I cannot express in words the moments of joy and nostalgia I could derive from your work. I was completely inside your book. Heart touching literature!

Aug 06 '14

Hetika Sanghani

I just could not visualise the stories...didnt enjoy the a reader I do not enjoy books written this way...

Jul 10 '14

Sanjana Parikh

I would've given this short story collection 4 stars but what stopped me is the pace. The first two stories were too slow even if they were fantastically written. I really enjoyed them otherwise. And because the pace was slow, I couldn't read the third one. It requires a bit of editing and cutting because your stories have a lot of potential.

Jun 19 '14

Green Mango Guy

Dibyajyoti sure has the potential to become a great writer. With a little bit of refinement this book can become a great collection of stories. The writing style needs to be more user involving.

Jun 09 '14

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