Creation Wars : The Earth Unites
Nishant joshi

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The story revolves about three aliens whose planetary system has been captured by another alien race.

These three aliens coincidentally arrive on Earth by somehow escaping from their home planet and from the aliens who are hunting them.

After reaching Earth they meet two young boys Nishant and Amit who get exposed to a load of amazing alien technologies such as a mind reading machine, future predicting machine, a machine which can produce anything that its user can imagine, machines which can exchange the human and alien DNA’s, teleportals, worm holes and a lot more.

The aliens tell that their enemies are still after them and they would soon come to Earth and would not only kill them but also annihilate the planet.

The only way to defend Earth is when the whole world stands united against the upcoming threat.

The combined strength of alien weapons and technology and the unity of the people on Earth is the only way against the upcoming invasion.

Thus at last the aliens along with these two boys successfully unite all the countries of the world and are now ready and equipped to fight against the upcoming death.

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Engineer by work but writer by choice. I Like science fiction and I am a huge fan of Dragon ball Z. Now it's time for India to create a benchmark in science fiction and I take that responsibility!!!