Dawn and Dusk
Farahdeen Khan

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The work is a quite a realist reflection of life, love, bonds, brotherhood and friendship as we all experience it in our day-to-day lives.

THE ODDS deals with the owner of a café wanting to introduce a regular guest to somebody else he thinks would be an alter ego of his guest. When the moment of introduction arrives, one is entirely stunned by the uncanny crossing of paths of two people.

THE APPLE OF MY EYES is an unusual insight into how far a brother can go to protect his own younger brother who seems slightly disregardful of the attention offered to him and yet how in time he realises that they are nothing but the sides of the same coin. It questions notions like why marriage is essential for the existence of a balanced life, of sex of rivalry, of care, of protectiveness.

THE SECRET is about a carefree woman who finds herself entangled in the web of a past event that comes to haunt her when she is just about beginning to find her head and heart comforted in the glee of true love. How the very bonds that need her to be kept together are tearing her apart and how the love of two siblings come to rescue the affair that might have ended if not for their support.

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Amish Sharma

I apologize for reading this book, will take a bath now; the best part was the dedication where author has thanked entire country.

Sep 10 '14

Aviral Singh

The setting of the stories is a little disappointing compared to the book cover and the synopsis. As a reader I wont be as interested in the conversation as in the events taking place in the lives of the characters. Conversation between the characters is important but inundating the entire plot with it is rather annoying. As a reader to be immersed in the story I would need a description of the setting more than the abrupt start of the conversation. I found it more like a play rather than a novel or a collection of stories. Sure the work has potential, sure the language is good, narrative is also nice, but the stories seem to be missing the events and the interest creating aspects. All the best..!

Aug 10 '14

Sanjana Parikh

Loved the cover and the synopsis interested me. That was the reason I decided to read this book but I have to admit, I couldn't finish off the first chapter. The conversation doesn't seem to stop at all and few more pages down, I had no idea where it was going.

Jun 17 '14

Hetika Sanghani

Firstly i must admit the reason I picked this book for reading was the fantastic cover...its just brilliantly done....Secondly after that cover, the story was a disappointment...more emphasis is laid on the conversations between the brothers wherein they are just plainly praising each other and very less emphasis is on developing the story....did not enjoy it...

Jun 03 '14