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I am an Ophthalmologist by training, inventor by passion, Entreprenuer by choice I have previously dabbled in areas of writing, painting, sketching & radio broadcasting

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Delhi/ NCR






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Selfish Genes

Quantum Healing

Life of Pi

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Richard Dawkins

Deepak Chopra

Dan Brown

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life is an illusion created by lack of alcohol

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Dinesh Verma

Really enjoyed reading the three chapters, having been an NRI parent myself and going through very similar emotions & turmoils while bringing up a son. Vinati has captured the essence of the "NRI parent" psyche and has provided a beautiful narrative of the experience. Many of my NRI friends (specially those who have daughters) have long asked for such a book that gives some sort of "guidance" to them of bringing up the girls in the West without getting them "immersed" into the culture, or rather "drowned" never coming out to "breathe" real Indian culture. I could feel that Vinati views Indian culture with rose tinted glasses, which was the case for me as well, until I actually came back & started living in Delhi again - all the "mushy fuzzy" feelings for close family members gradually evaporated, since they were not receiving the expensive foreign gifts anymore!! I am looking forward to reading the whole book to find out if she has also tackled the problems of "returning" NRI parents - an increasing number with India's economy improving!

Feb 03 '15

Vinati Sukhdev

Thank you for your perceptive comments. Returning NRIs deserve a whole book!

Feb 03 '15