End of the Tunnel
Shilpa Raju

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‘End Of The Tunnel’ is the story of Shruti Chauhan, a 25-year old aspiring writer, bound by the precepts that come with her caste and surname. While her father is adamant to marry her off before she turns 25, Shruti is determined to publish her first novel before marrying a guy of her father’s choice who most probably will not support her aims and ambitions.

In a curious twist of fate, she has a chance encounter with her now reformed school bully, Siddharth Mehra. He helps her in every way possible to achieve her goal of publishing a novel. But their attempts come to a standstill when they get conned by a fraudulent publishing house.

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Niyati Shinde

I'm hooked! Would love to read the journey of getting 'Talk to Me' published... :-)

Oct 09 '14

Aviral Singh

There was a lot of meandering in the story, the characters were not speaking as much loudly as the protagonist, the bullying phase was rather unimaginable as the problems one would face during that course were missing from the point of view of someone who is bullied, somewhere down the line as the story progressed the narration shifted towards a more autobigraphic tone and a lot of sentences and incidents seemed to be written just for the heck of it..!! Although, the story is ok, it could be made better with a little amount of rework and reanalysis. Also, the concept of befriending Rajputs was a bit far fetched according to me unless you are writing a story of the eighties or the nineties, which if you are, I am sorry to say, the reader won't be able to find out, if it is a story based in eighties and nineties. Please plan every chapter in advance and decide what emotions and events are gong to be a part of it, and write it with that emotional attachment, Blundering through will not help.Good work, but can be made better..! Keep it up..!!

Aug 15 '14

Sanjana Parikh

Some of the dialogues seemed common, I was looking for something candid! All the three chapters ended well but the second chapter seemed to be stretched on for quite a bit. Cutting it down would help the pace of the story. From a reader's point of view, don't include conversations or descriptions if not needed. It would just complicate the readers and not keep them equally hooked. I love how the third chapter ends even when I know who it is, I was quite excited to read what happens next. Overall, I enjoyed it. A bit of editing would help it go a long way!

Jun 16 '14

Hetika Sanghani

I dont know what I liked in the book but i genuinely liked it...I am actually waiting to read her journey from being a couch potato to a writer...Simple writing but engaging...Would definitely want to read more....

Jun 06 '14