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What is Bloody Good Book?

Bloody Good Book is an eBook publishing venture that uses the power of crowd sourcing and crowd curating to find the next great book. We believe that traditional publishing needs a wake-up call, and Bloody Good Book does just that by creating a democratic online platform that can bring together aspiring authors looking to be noticed and avid book lovers who want to have their voice heard. If you need more info, take a look at the About page.

How does this website work?

It's really quite simple. We've created a vibrant and bustling online space where authors put up a part of their manuscript online. Then, book lovers read, rate and review these manuscripts, and the top ten best rated, reviewed and popular manuscripts are considered for publication by Bloody Good Book. To know more about the Bloody Good Book concept, check out our How It Works page.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's free for readers and authors. Ours is a completely open and democratic space.


What's your publishing deal for authors?

If your manuscript is chosen for publication, Bloody Good Book will offer you 30% royalty on the net receipts of your published eBooks. Bloody Good Book will retain the eBook publishing rights of your book for a period of 10 years and we will get the first right to publish your second book. We will inform you of our decision to publish it or not within 2 months of receiving your second manuscript.

What role is Westland playing in this?

We know how much authors desire print books along with eBooks. So, we've partnered with Westland Ltd for a co-publication venture that offers you an opportunity to see your book in print as well. Every month, Westland will review the top ten best rated, reviewed and popular books along with Bloody Good Book, and consider them for co-publication. If Westland decides to co-publish your manuscript, they will offer you a minimum royalty of 10% on the MRP of your book, with the royalty increasing to 12.5% should the book sales cross 25,000. They also promise to publish your book within 12 months of deciding to do so. For more information, take a look at http://blog.bloodygoodbook.com/post/80868932336/announcement-bloody-good-book-partners-with-westland.


How do I submit my manuscript to you?

It's real easy! Just sign up or login and click on Submit Manuscript. After that, there are 6 easy steps you need to follow and that's it. However be sure to read our Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting to us.

How should I format my manuscript?

All manuscripts must be submitted as MSWord document. The text must be in Times New Roman, 12 point font size and single spacing. All chapters must be separated by page breaks. Please upload the cover separately on the submit page.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?

We accept manuscripts of all genres except poetry. If you are a short story writer, please submit a minimum of 7 short stories to make a coherent collection. All manuscripts must be titled, edited and proofread by the author prior to submission.

I have submitted my manuscript to another publisher. Can I still submit to you ?

Nope. If want to submit to us, you will have to contact the publisher requesting them to withdraw your manuscript from consideration. If you manuscript is already available on any online retail website or social networking platform, please remove it before submitting to us. According to our Terms and Conditions, your manuscript will become exclusive to Bloody Good Book for a period of 3 months from the time of uploading it on our website, and will be available on our website for reading for a period of 6 months.

After the first 3 months are over, you are free to approach other publishers with your manuscript again. But the first 3 chapters of your manuscript will still be available for reading for another 3 months.

How will you protect my work from plagiarism?

We take the issue of plagiarism very seriously. We do not allow the visitors to our website to cut, copy and paste any material from a submitted manuscript on Bloody Good Book. Our eReader also does not allow users to download any material.

What do I do if you don't publish my manuscript?

If we decide not to publish your manuscript at the end of the 6 month exclusivity period, you can either choose to continue with us for another 6 months, or inform us that you do not want readers to gain access to your book anymore. If you choose to continue with us for another exclusivity period, you may get another opportunity to be published by Bloody Good Book and Westland. If you do not wish to continue with us, readers will not be allowed to view your manuscript. However, your user account will remain active so that you can read other authors' works and participate in any Bloody Good Book community discussions and activities.

What about my copyright? Will it be protected?

Your copyright will remain with you even if you submit manuscript to us. By making your manuscript available to us, you only agree to give Bloody Good Book and Westland the first right to publish it as an eBook and print book respectively.After the 6 month exclusivity period ends, the right to publish the manuscript as eBooks and print books will return to you.

Do you provide any additional services like editing and proofreading?

We will provide editing, proofreading, cover designing, marketing, and publicity services for all books that we decide to publish. These services will of course be free. However, for books that are not chosen for publication, we will not be providing these services.

What part of my manuscript will be uploaded online?

If it's a novel, the first 3 chapters will be uploaded online for the readers. If authors wish to include a dedication/acknowledgment page, we will not count it as part of the three chapters. In some cases, if the manuscript contains a prologue and we deem it necessary for the readers to read it to understand the 3 chapters, we will upload it as well.

If you've submitted a short story collection, we will upload 3 short stories of your choice on the website. Please indicate clearly on the first page of your manuscript which 3 stories you want us to upload.

If you've submitted a novella to us, we will be uploading only the first 2 chapters or about 40-60 pages.

Lastly, we also accept recipe books so if you want to submit one to us, please ensure that you've indicated very clearly on a contents page which recipes you want us to share with our readers online. As far as all non-fiction works are concerned, we do exercise our discretionary powers to upload sections other than chapters such as contents, prefaces, etc online if these pages appear to be essential for the reader to understand the rest of the book.

What do I do about the cover?

We ask all our authors to submit a book cover for their manuscript. You can either design one on your own or choose one of Bloody Good Book's 4 cover options. If you want to create your own, we've got some great tips for you. Just make sure that your cover is 950 pixels wide and 1470 pixels tall!

Can I make editorial changes to my manuscript once it has been uploaded on the website?

Sorry. We have a very firm policy that we don't allow any editorial changes to the manuscript once it has been uploaded on the website. So it is up to you to make sure that your manuscript is error free, and the first 3 chapters pack a solid punch!

Do I need to create a video for my manuscript as well?

It is not mandatory to create a video trailer of your manuscript. Some of our authors have chosen to create videos for themselves and we have provided them with the space to showcase it. If you would like to create your own, please go ahead. All you have to do is paste the YouTube link to your video while Submitting your manuscript.

What happens after the end of my exclusivity period?

After the end of your exclusivity period with us, all publishing rights revert to you. You are free to either remove your book from Bloody Good Book or continue with us for another exclusivity period. If you chose not to continue with us, your manuscript will no longer be available to the Bloody Good Book community for reading or reviewing. However, the manuscript's page with the reviews accrued by it and it's information will continue to be visible on Bloody Good Book.


Why should I rate these manuscripts?

At Bloody Good Book, you get the unique chance to share your opinions with publishers, authors and other members of the community. Your views count. They will make a HUGE difference to our decision making process. So please read the manuscripts carefully, and rate and review honestly, fairly and frequently.

How does the rating and reviewing systems work?

At Bloody Good Book, you can rate a manuscript using the star system and give feedback by commenting on the author's work. Both are vital to our reviewing system and will make a difference to which books get published.

Bloody Awful

Needs work.


Quite Good.

Bloody Good Book

How do I read the manuscript?

We have created a pretty great eReader for all of you. You can change the font size, bookmark your pages, flip the pages and use the slider to move quickly to a specific page. We also have a mobile site and the eReader is completely compatible with mobiles, so you can read on the go if you like.

If you're still scratching your head in confusion about anything, feel free to contact us! We're always happy to help.

What are BGB's Bookworms and Hot Shot Reviewers?

Bloody Good Book is always deeply appreciative of your contribution as readers and reviewers. In an effort to recognize all that you do, we have created two leaderboards called TOP 10 BOOKWORMS and HOT SHOT REVIEWERS for our best readers and reviewers respectively.

TOP 10 BOOKWORMS recognizes 10 readers who read the most number of books.

HOT SHOT REVIEWERS recognizes 10 readers who rate and write reviews for the most number of books and whose reviews are most enjoyed by other users. We can tell whose reviews are most enjoyable for others from the number of 'likes' he/she gets.

So c'mon readers, start reading and reviewing, and get your spot on the leaderboard!

What are the leaderboards for books?

There are two leaderboards for books on our website. The first is the TOP 10 BILLBOARD, which is based on the ratings and reviews received by the book and the Top 10 POP CHART based on the popularity meter. 

The books on the TOP 10 POP CHART as well as on the TOP 10 BILLBOARD will be considered for publication by Bloody Good Book and Westland Ltd.

What is the Popularity Meter?

The popularity meter is based on percentile, which means that a book's popularity fluctuates based on the performance of the other books on the website. The popularity meter decides a book's percentile ranking based on the following parameters:

1) Is the book part of a leaderboard?

2) Number of reads

3) Number of shelves the book is on

4) Number of recommendations it has received

5) Number of shares

6) Number of times the book is 'mentioned' by other users

7) The book's ratings

8) Number of times the book's profile is viewed 

What is the Top 10 Billboard

The Top 10 Billboard is a leaderboard based on the reviews that a manuscript receives over a period of a month. The Top 10 Billboard is calculated based on a complex, fair and robust algorithm of weighted averages. This is not the same as a simple average, which is visible on all book pages. To put it simply, a weighted average is one that allots different weights to reviews in so that authentic, credible and honest reviews of manuscripts are recognized. Our aim is to always ensure that the best manuscripts are found through the process of crowd curating.