I want to run away
Deepa Iyyer

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You must have heard this story several times in your life. Girl wants to elope to the city to fulfil her dreams plus she has a boyfriend to tag along with her and yes, you have guessed it right, her father is dead against everything and promises everybody will be dead if he is not obeyed to. Needless to say the father wants to get the girl married as soon as possible. I am not a fool to ask you whether the girl will succeed in her journey. Aashika, a girl born and brought up in the interior part of Tamil Nadu wants you to hear her out, her version of coping with eloping, same story but different version. Come on yaar!!! Take a breather from your routine life and run away with Aashika in her trip to leave her birthplace, in this ‘leave your brains behind’, light read novella. You don’t have to login to make my trip.com or irctc website for this trip because this trip is free, no charge…… ha!ha. Then how else do I get you there?

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Geetha Krishnan

The humour is good, so is the pace. The language is simple and there was a flow to the narrative. All in all, a good read.

Dec 06 '15

Sundari Venkatraman

Deepa Iyyer has a very good story to tell. Her writing style is fluid with touches of humour. I can visualise the scene as I read.
What I would like to see more is the scenes unfolding in description and dialogue rather than narration. That would add more value to this work. The book is worth publishing under the guidance of a good editor

Nov 26 '15

Shriesh Pabba

I am not a great writer, not even a published author. Keep that in mind, when you read my notes.

My review:
I probably would not invest my money on this book, but I know quite a few people who would not mind doing so.

My likes:
Breezy writing style.
Aashika's character is developing really well and I can almost feel her disdain with her realities.
Your sense of humor is coming out pretty well.

My dislikes:
As I am not the right target audience for you, I'll refrain from sharing my dislikes.

Oct 15 '15

nikhil solapurkar

Well done, how can I read the next part?

Oct 11 '15

Nikhil Kulkarni

Well, I am gearing up for a hunger strike if this manuscript is not published :)
What a sense of humour! Deepa you are going to be a star in publishing industry. Keep writing.

Oct 07 '15

asha krishna

It was great reading the chapters. I admit, I was a bit cynical at first. The description sounded like the movie "Roja" but it piques interest. What helps is the fact that it says novella on the jacket. It kind of sets of the expectations, which is not a lot! However the pages are a very pleasant read. The writing flows well. The manuscript could use some proofreading, but that can be easily taken care of. The narrative builds up well and the characters build up the story very nicely.
A light read as suggested but the writing is good. Good luck Deepa!

Sep 21 '15

Pooja Nair

Aug 03 '15

Suhail Abbas

Light as a feather. Keep on writing.

Jul 21 '15


Ashika is kinda immature. But it's a fun read.

Jul 20 '15

Deepak Kaul

As promised by the author, a light, easy read. The flow and style of writing is good. And, you don't have to leave your brains behind, as suggested by the author. I have deducted one star for the cover; a bit more effort should have gone into it, especially removing the black and red bands. If done properly, the cover could have been a cracker. I have deducted another star for over-generising and tagging.

Jul 08 '15