In Her Shadows (The Beginning)

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The Retribution…..

Resurrection of an ancient demon, plunge the insane world of Shrirampur prison into chaos, leaving behind a horrifying trail of blood and gore. Dismembered bodies, blood soaked floors and claw marks on the walls mark the aftermath of a blood chilling massacre.

The Hunt…..

ACP Aditya Pratap Singh is unwittingly drawn into the investigation, an investigation which would turn his world upside down. Can a human be capable of such a ghastly carnage or were there forces at work beyond rational contemplation.

A man on a mission……

Things take an ugly turn when he learns the true identity of his wife, her mission and possibly her sacrifice. Torn between his love and duty, Aditya embarks on a journey to save his wife. Will Aditya be able to maintain his sanity long enough to unravel the secrets of the past or will the dark forces triumph in altering the face of the world as we know it.

From Srirampur to the ancient kingdom Saurashtra …… will he really seek solace “IN HER SHADOWS?”

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Well… Goosebumps are guaranteed for the readers…. The author had the knack to provide the shocks needed for a horror read….. A little bit of non linear plotting would help in increasing the hook value. ‘Good work,’ is the least I can say...

Dec 23 '15

Geetha Krishnan

Excellent plot, gripping narration. Language needs polishing but thats what editors are for. Waiting to see this in print

Dec 06 '15

Shriesh Pabba

I am not a great writer, not even a published author; keep that in mind when you read my notes:

My review:
You got something going here. I definitely want to read more. So far as publishing is concerned, I have my reservations about it only because of the small slip-ups in writing.

My likes:
Really good pace for the overall story
Characters are coming out well
Definitely intrigued with the story-line

My dislikes:
I wished that in some spots the pace slowed and a bit more imagery was shared with me; on second thoughts, there really should be more imagery. Look at the various sub-genres of horror...
Some slip-ups in language and POV here and there.
Not certain what you are aiming for - thriller or horror? A mix of these is great. I just did not get a sense that the way you are mixing them is good... (sorry, can't explain this line; just a strong feeling).

Oct 07 '15

Shilpa Shrivastva

It's intriguing

Sep 25 '15

Sanjana Parikh

Nicely written. However, I want more description of the gruesome killings because that's what would catch attention of readers like me. Make it sound like Aditya should in a way be afraid of what he's going to face rather than making him a perfect detective/inspector. It would look more realistic

Aug 28 '15

Prasanthi Pothina

good read and kept wondering what was going to happen next.

Aug 14 '15

Pratidnya Kasture

Very nice and thrilling book... enjoyed reading it ... :)

Aug 03 '15

Ashutosh Sharma

Found some unusual usage of words here and there. Keep working on it. Horror is not my favorite genre. Good luck though!!

Jul 21 '15

Damini Majumdar

This is the first horror novel I've read here on BGB but sadly it didn't quite meet up to my expectations. The blurb intrigued me and I am still curious to find out the whole picture but regarding the writing, a lot more improvement is required. There are grammatical errors that need to be corrected ('beginning' is spelled wrong in the cover) but a thorough editing can take care of that. The story has potential but it could be told in a better way.

Jul 18 '15

Uday Satpathy

I will begin by saying kudos to Audumbar for posting the first genuine horror novel on BGB. I can clearly understand what you have tried to achieve and what you have wanted the reader to feel. The story has potential and the author has imagined it well. Would definitely like to read it further. Now, a few suggestions. I won't focus on the few niggles here and there. A thorough grammatical check will take care of them. What I would suggest is that you should make it more visual. That's extremely important in horror books. Words like gore, grotesque, scary etc. are only words. They don't let a reader imagine anything. Use metaphors. To give you an example, how grotesque is grotesque? Does it look like an abandoned carcass of a drowned man, whose bulging eyes and contorted lips are spewing venom for the men who ignored his cries in the flood and left him alone to die. This is a crude example, but I hope you got my point. Make the reader visualize your world. I am telling you, they will feel scared.

Jul 13 '15

Deepak Kaul

For starters, the cover had a spelling error. The writing is very basic and littered with grammatical errors. At times, the paras are long and do not advance the story, which has the promise to be interesting, but lacks execution.

Jul 13 '15

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