Jaya: A journey and her destiny

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Synopsis of the story

After she calls off her engagement with her fiancee, a young lady named Jaya decides to find out about her father’s family. She goes in search of his family and meets her uncle only to realize that her dead grandfathers left her something; which are clues that lead to some treasure which is to be unlocked by her.

As she starts unlocking the clues with the help of a friend and her uncle, life takes drastic turns. It is a diamond preserved very safely through generations. Meanwhile, she finds out that it is she in her previous birth and had lost her family for this treasure; but then keeps it safely so that it does not fall into the hands of the villain, who is a 'Mantrik' going by the name Mitran. By some intricate logic, she makes sure that it is only she who will unlock the treasure.

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I would love to read this manuscript further as I feel there is spunk in the story line - it seems fresh and will have twists all the way I am sure.
Alas, that is where the good points stop. You have to get your work edited by a professional. I understand and hope that the manuscript is written hurriedly as the story takes place that way, however a professional approach would help considerably.
All the best

Feb 02 '15

Niyati Shinde

Ok, so i started reading this book because i found the synopsis very interesting. Don't get me wrong author, i don't intend on discouraging you or criticizing your work, but as a reader, i found the storyline to be abrupt and grammatically incorrect (tenses are mixed up). I'm sure with a bit of editing, the book will be awesome :-) Good luck...

Dec 06 '14

Aviral Singh

very informal way of writing...the transition from one scene to the next is very abrupt...the logical connections and threading seem to be missing completely...written in haste..!

Dec 01 '14