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Reimagining the Mahabharata into a modern satirical corporate political drama is not really an easy job, given the cobwebbed crisscross of meanings and metaphors that have been woven into the narrative of the original story. Still, I think Deepak has been able to do justice to the epic by drawing so beautiful a set of parallels between the Bharat of yore and the Bharat of today. The apparent ease with which empires translate into corporations, maharajas translate into chairmen and the court translates into the Board, not only shows the direct relevance of the epic to the world today, but also slaps silently on our foreheads the unwelcome corollary realisation that in our interactions and power-relationships, we have not evolved in all these years as much as we would have hoped to. In fact, I will go on to say that the adaptation of the epic into the corporate cultural mould is so thorough and convincing that I, as an invested reader, almost had a broken heart when suddenly cricket was tied into the reimagined world. The cricket analogy clearly stands out as a sore thumb neither helping the writer nor the reader to melt smoothly into the flow of the story. I understand that it is funny due to the absurdity of the thought and also due to the overwhelming obsession of modern day corporates to play in mini-cricket leagues on weekends, but for some reason in this story, I got the distinct feeling that it was forced in and not brought in as an organic extension. Except for this glitch, I absolutely loved reading the three chapters and am more than willing to buy the ebook when it is published.

On the note of publishing this story, I feel obliged to point out a few things that would help Deepak and the Bloody Good Book team to edit the final draft. You might want to run a closer eye on the spelling and grammar, with an emphasis on paragraph tense coherence, choice of parenthetical text vs comma separated phrases, hyphenation of words and phrases, and subject-verb agreement. With a concept as good and creative as this one, it would be a shame if the reader’s experience is affected by the occasional lapses of grammar.

I wish you Vijayee Bhava with this ebook as I eagerly wait for the final published version.

Apr 23 '15

Deepak Kaul

Thank you for your extremely detailed review. This is how reviews should be, and not because it is overall positive!

Apr 23 '15