Second Wind
Sanchit Gupta

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Sanjay Godbole is facing a quarter life crises. An aspiring theatre artist who is now a sales professional, he is working the hours to pay his bills and forget his dreams. He is trapped and he knows it. Some say it’s the society, others call it discretion; he says it’s that deadly evil called the comfort zone. He is a man lost on purpose, a regular middle class office goer with a nine-to-seven job, short of time, ideas, resources and inspiration. His dreams are a captive of his pay package, his EMI and his social status, held ransom at gunpoint. He is one amongst us, a man who stops living at the age of 25 to die at the age of 75.

A tale of the eras we live in, omens portend Sanjay to break the monotony of his life and embark on a voyage away from the safety of the shore, into the rocking boat of his dreams that may, or may not, stay afloat. A soul stirring encounter with Baap and a rendezvous with his alter-idem in the hire and fire corridors of a printing plant in suburban Chennai shake him out of his slumber, and his comfort zone. After the piercing glare of an unassuming salesman and the roar of an unyielding Tiger in the villages of Chattisgarh push his existence to a brink, the only option left is to let it all go. When the enchanting dreamlands of Mumbai flicker with fear and faith, and the business of art or the art of business teaches hope and insanity in the same breath, Sanjay’s search for belongingness brings him face to face with his bête noire- Sanjay.

Not all who charter the path they believe in achieve the glory of success or redemption of self, then is it worth taking the risk? Or is it more prudent to remain grounded and real, and take life as it comes? Bounded by fate, would Sanjay then conquer the ghosts within or would it remain and be forgotten as an interminable journey of his internal trysts with an elusive destiny?

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Geetha Krishnan

Smoothly written, well expressed, good pacing. Definitely want to read more

Dec 06 '15

Shriesh Pabba

I am not a great writer, not even a published author; keep that in mind when you read my notes.

My review - summary
first and foremost - Respect. If I had to put money into printing this, I would after thorough editing is done. I did read that you are being represented by Jacaranda -- so expected quite some talent. And I was not disappointed.

My likes:
1. Your way with words and almost subtle wit.
2. Plot development
3. Character development
4. Pace.

My dislikes:
1. Editing is probably my major complain. POV is sometimes difficult to get hang of -- sometimes we are in 3-rd, sometimes in 1st (as far as I can remember). At one point you even jump to 2nd. Switching POVs is not bad when you can show that it is being done on purpose and provide a smooth transition in the narrative (imho).
2. Other minor irritants:
2a. Character airtime - Kar is not getting any airtime whatsoever, so what's the point of introducing him early on?
2b. Character depth - Your characters are definitely not 2D. Yet, they are not completely real either. A few character traits here and there should bring them alive. You are letting the dialogue do quite a bit of talking. That works perfectly with Karan, a bit with Ritika. But, think about it.
2c. Character arcs - Maybe, we as readers should get a hint of the character arcs of everyone other than Sanjay.
Note: The above are minor irritants and mostly writer-style-related; so guess I am making note of them for you to ponder about.

My review:
To be up-front: I would probably not be your target market. I am generally not the kind of guy who likes to be preached, even indirectly. You are doing quite a good job of not letting the preaching be in-your-face, but I think you could do a better job of it (after all, all writing is preaching through make-belief stories). Also, your writing style is not my cup of tea -- long, winding sentences, too many at a stretch.
All that aside, your writing is distinct and you definitely have a style. Your plot and characters are coming across pretty neatly; although I have my doubts about their matured dialogues at that age in life (but, that's just me).
Editing is the perhaps the one thing that I think you should focus on. Editing for POV fidelity and dialogues.
All said and done, Jacaranda representing you makes quite a bit of sense. Best of luck.
Finally, here's fiction for you: If I were to put money into printing this, yes I would, only after thorough editing is done.

P.S: I didn't proof-read the above. Do reach out to me if you desire any clarification.

Oct 05 '15


This is a plot which discusses the question of our search for meaning in the context of daily lives. A brave attempt by the author, second wind is a really refreshing read :)

Sep 27 '15


Awesome job - chapters are of the optimum size, however the paragraphs can be a bit better. Also you need to re-look at the grammar or better word usage in some places. If the story carries ahead the way it has begun, you have a winner on your hands.

Sep 07 '15


Aug 13 '15

Nehal Bazari

Very interesting & thought provoking book... the reader is sure to get engrossed in the story.... the book is also very well written with deeper meaning behind every line apart from what is apparent from the surface. Look forward to reading the entire book.

Jul 21 '15


I loved the flow!! Keep up the good work.

Jul 21 '15

Deepak Kaul

Interesting story line, seamless read. In some places paras were too long.

Jul 21 '15