The Galactic Conspiracy: Truth, Lies and Pleiades
Bhaskar Saikia

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Year, 2084 A.D. A manned spaceship under the command of Captain Robert Smith went on an expedition to find a distant planet in the Pleiades star cluster, located 500 light years away from Earth. The mission was to find an advance civilization of humans who were believed to be our makers! The mission crash landed in Atlan, a planet inhabited by humanoids that looked like us. Did Robert Smith really meet our makers? Well, not really. Instead, the humanoids mistook his team as their gods!

What really happened?

The High Council of Atlan ruled this planet in the name of gods who ran the propaganda that one day their gods would descend from the sky. The Earthlings descended, the way the propaganda about gods was spread. This propaganda was now in great danger. The High Council would have to enter into an agreement with the Earthlings. In exchange for their cooperation to keep the propaganda running, the Earthlings would be provided with answers to their queries by the High Council, searching which they had come to Atlan.

The High Council told them about the origin of Human Galactic Family in Lyra and the destruction of their home world by the Draconis – a reptiloid race from star Thuban. That was the beginning of the Great Galactic Wars, one of which reached the star Sol about 252 million years ago that led to the destruction of planet Maldek and the near destruction of Mars. The only remaining water planet of star Sol; Earth, was captured by the Draconis.

These galactic conflicts were fought between the Draconian Empire and the Galactic Federation of Humanoid colonies. Another war in Terra was assured. About 65 million years ago, Earth was snatched from the clutches of the Draconis by the Galactic Federation that led to the complete annihilation of their favorite pet— the dinosaurs.

The High Council had a nemesis; Kleio Winkovis. He persuaded the Earthlings to help him overthrow the High Council through a mass rebellion. He told them about various conspiracies, the High Council has hatched against their own people and other Pleiades colonies. Because the Earthlings were presumed gods of Atlan, hence their voice against the High Council would be the wish of the gods; hence, the rebellion was guaranteed. The Earthlings assured their support. But fate was in favor of the High Council and before anything could happen, Captain Smith was captured by the High Council. The rebellion didn’t happen.

In the meantime, a large Draconis fleet from Thuban entered the star system Sol. Their target was to recapture Earth. And the only people who can stop this fleet were Captain Smith and his crew, currently stuck in Atlan.

Get ready to embark a voyage across the majestic intergalactic space through stars and cosmic clouds. Get ready to find the truths and debunk the lies propagated as truth. This book is about the conspiracies that hide our true history. Finally, the truths will reveal. But no secret goes unpunished. Who’ll pay the price? Is it going to be Captain Smith or is it going to be Earth – our home?

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def has promise. people with interesting in imaginative/ science fiction should comment.

Sep 11 '16


though science fic not my cup of tea. stil its nice

Sep 06 '16


Interesting science fic. Reminded me of my younger days when I used to watch science fic or read them

Sep 05 '16


Awesome job. It's been quite some time, since Ive read an Indian author take on the Sci -Fi genre and ace it too.
There has to be a limit to how much of Mahabharata, Ramayana and other mytho God story version can be spun and that too most are a crappy 'me too' version to say the least. But this here is a story written by someone who is not afraid to take a risk. And I think that this is a calculated risk, because the story line is intriguing, the chapters are crisp and fast paced and the writing fluent.
The only thing that you have to be wary about it that as a rule, we Indians do not enjoy or read Sci Fi. All the very best!

Jun 13 '16

Geetha Krishnan

A good effort, but not my cup of tea

Jun 01 '16

Deepak Kaul

The Prologue had too much information. It totally put me off. One thing I have always struggled with is naming my characters, which is why I usually resort to satire because the characters come ready made. This author has clearly no such issues.

Jun 01 '16