The Little Men
Ameya Anil Tikekar

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When I started writing, I wanted to write about recession, then midway I realized people and recession are completely inseparable hence I trashed it all and started writing about recession through lives of people.

‘Little Men’ is an insider’s account of an year spent by a new-comer in the IT industry, a blend of facts and fiction based on real events and on some people I met in backdrop of IT recession of 2007-09.

This work claims to be nothing more than this!!

It explores an idea that recession is not always recession of demand; it simultaneously also is a recession of hope. Drilled down from a macrocosm of an industry to a microcosm of one person’s brain, it is a recession of ideas, culture and innovation. If at times, death of an idea or a dream can lead to death of a person then similarly death of an idea or a dream can be a death of an industry as well.

Narrated through the eyes of 22 year old Amitarth ;a fresher in a software organization, we find a protagonist in a shy techie who experiences everything that he sees emotionally and with a curious mind. Recession is but a backdrop, a reflection in his life as he struggles to make sense of the events in his life and as his mind and heart conflicts.

He experiences a close friendship with a crazy genius Prabhu and love for an unusual and geeky damsel Mitali who is 4 years older to him.

Life takes a turn when he realizes his dreams don't align with the great Indian software dream and that while there already are conflicts of interest between these 3 characters; there is something even bigger plotting against them at the same time.

Does he stand any chance of saving these two people who are dearest to him, from their own selves?

It’s also a story of his team as they see their lives getting inevitably tangled and altered due to something uncontrollable and big; something nobody really understands.

Journey of these little men then becomes analogous and synonymous to the journey of an industry; a sine wave filled with heartbreaks, disappointments, setbacks yet simultaneously throbbing with hope and resurrection.

Being a fresh pass out from IIM Kozhikode with majors in finance & marketing and with 3 years of prior experience as an application developer in IBM Bangalore, I felt I had a lot to share through this story about the turmoil experienced by us due to seemingly a pure financial phenomenon but through close personal experiences of everyday lives.

Yet by no means is this a boring account of monotonous co

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Jan 28 '15

Nilesh Aswar

Good Read!

Sep 26 '14

Asif Shaikh

Brilliant read.. ..a good combination of well etched out characters, story line and concepts... I cant wait to read rest of the chapters....

Sep 21 '14

Niyati Shinde

Interesting read. Would have loved it more if you had kept the conversations short and snappy. Nevertheless, a nice book. Could visualize the characters as my cousins!(who are IT engineers!) Good Luck... :-)

Sep 09 '14

Ameya Anil Tikekar

I would work on it Niyati ! :) thanks for reading it

Sep 14 '14