The Lost Ring
Oshin Gulsia

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It’s half past one when Ellie Slater heads towards a heath which is inhabited by diabolical beings. As soon as she catches a glimpse of the uncouth inhabitants, she flees to find a ring beside a decrepit well which coincides with the arrival of tribal men who detain her. Arnold, Joseph and Yusuf who move from pillar to post in order to spot her are led towards the heath by Destiny which to their further disillusionment gives no clue of Ellie’s presence. Being an exorcist, Joseph calls upon the spirits for help who prophesize:

“The great warrior will be your guide to seven sisters of Hespera who bathe upon low tides”

It ensues into a fascinating hunt for Ellie across the desert while temples, pictographs, effigies and forbidden isle of Glendora become tokens of her presence in the Empire of Illera where she is reliving her previous life as warrior princess Kanushi. They are later acquainted with Notorio Cryptodynum, tyrannous villain of the story who has been on a hunt for Lepnig treasure for long- a treasure which could fulfill any desire but once. Owing to the curse of Hespera, the isle sinks into the depths of the sea while the portal which led Arnold into the Empire of Illera appears subsequently due to the efforts of Yusuf who sacrificed his life for Arnold and Ellie.

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I have been writing poems and short stories since childhood and have managed to get an anthology published as well. Since, there are no limits to where my imagination can't go, you may not be able to decide about me through this short description...