The Red Dragon
Bisleshan Das, Arin Mishra

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The story is about a world in the future that is not an advanced one like we see in futuristic movies but a primitive one like in the Stone Age. In fact the world got destroyed due to some unknown scientific experiment or nuclear warfare centuries ago, and the current year is 2758AD. In this post-apocalyptic world where very few humans survive, and those who do live inside underground bunkers in a village, cut off from outer earth, called “Venuora”. From this small village, a small group of hunters venture out into the dangerous world to bring back food for the people.

The earth is now an inhospitable climate. The leaves have turned blue due to radiation and animals like the dragons and mermen have mutated into existence. As the events unfolds, we come across many other forces that are up against the equilibrium of the already precarious situation and want control over entire earth. This results in a war. The story reveals whether the human race shall survive or shall perish at the hands of more powerful intruders. The only hope for humans is their young warrior, who is actually a hybrid of human and dragon, and has the necessary might to fight against the powerful mermen, who attack mercilessly. Read more to know whether the human race revives or gets destroyed completely.

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Niyati Shinde

Loved this book! Gives me goosebumps just to think how Earth might be a century from now! I hope i get to read the rest of the story soon :-) Good luck...

Aug 05 '14

Girish vyas

It's like drilling someone
creative... (y)

Jun 13 '14

Green Mango Guy

The beginning of this book is like those post apocalypse Hollywood movies. Somewhere it reminded me of the movie The City of Ember. It has a potential of becoming a great fantasy fiction book probably a series too. Can do better with a bit of humor and more fantasy.

Jun 11 '14
Arin Mishra Follow

Writing to me is freedom of expression and control that is not available in any other forms of storytelling. I am more into non-fiction and read books in diverse topics and wish to write in different genres as well.