The Reparation of Dreams
Sudeepa Nair

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What matters most in life? Love? Career? Or your deepest desire to achieve self actualisation? What does it take to make your dreams come true?

The Reparation of Dreams follows the lives of four friends from Mumbai—Pooja, Anand, Subhash and Prabs, who constantly grapple with questions about the higher calling that each one is destined for. Starting off in the social milieu of the 1980’s when telephones and televisions were just making their presence felt in personal lives, the book travels across time and locations, chronicling lives in places like Mumbai, Singapore as well as the quaint country side of Maharashtra and Kerala.

Parental expectations, societal pressures, competition and their personal demons, drive the four friends further and further away from their individual dreams.

Pooja, a doctor by education, a marketer by profession, but a bird-lover by heart, sacrifices her love for her son when she realizes that her career ambitions, though pretentious, are taken lightly by her spouse.

Anand, Pooja’s husband and an investment banker in Singapore, harbours dreams of returning to his country in order to start off on a philanthropic project with his friend.

Subhash, also an MBA graduate, but a teacher at heart, thinks that imparting education is his life’s mission. He falls in love with a widow with two kids, only to be promptly rebuked by Pooja, for not being ‘realistic’. Stung by the conservative attitude of his friend, he becomes incommunicado with her.

Prabs, born to an auto rickshaw driver, and harbouring ambitions of becoming a writer, finds herself pulled into a quagmire of deceit, an unhappy marriage and life threatening danger.

Their middle class values – a mixture of conservatism, superstitions, respect towards one parents, moral principles – both hinder as well as provide strength in their journey through life. Will they all reconcile and get together to finally realize what their hearts had set out for?

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Sep 20 '14

Oshin Gulsia

nice plot..

Sep 18 '14
Aug 16 '14

Hetika Sanghani

simple writing...simple story...easy to understand..heartfelt...really want to see how it unfolds...characters of the 2 girls are drawn really well..good job!!

Jul 31 '14

Sapna Bhattacharya

There is something I liked about this story, not sure what, maybe the fact that it is too close to real life. The only downer is that it is written in a very simple way without much build up on characters and the plot.

Jul 20 '14

Sanjana Parikh

I like the story. The pace is also good but the language is too simple and descriptions are not there. I cannot visualise any characters of the story. I read every bit of it but I had to pull myself through it.

Jun 14 '14