The Second Coming
Nagendra Singh Bisht

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Years before he took the first baby step towards his calling, someone had already laid the path for him; unknowingly he went to pull one string after another to peep into his future.

A journey of a boy, living a life of camaraderie, squeezing every bit out of the moments on offer, little realizing how fast the metamorphosis would take place. A wrong step by his suave businessman father pushes the family into an indecision that haunts them for the rest of their life.

Balli’s father; Vinayak Singh, who was about to move out of Jamshedpur for greener pastures in North India, becomes a victim of his own actions. His partner Babloo runs away with his partner’s money which they had pooled for an ambitious project, leaving him in lurch. As one thing leads to another, Balli and his mother finally move to Meerut minus Vinayak Singh who wants to pay off his creditors before he moves out of Jamshedpur, not knowing that he would lead a life of love for houses of shame and ill formed decisions. While his son Balli soon discovers a new life in Meerut under the love and care of his uncle Kabir and Aunt Kamla, nudging his worries away.

Balli is sent to Minerva Institute during summer vacation by Kabir’s son Birendra who thinks Balli should start focusing on his career. There, amid books and competition Balli sees the signs of first omen that takes first step in the flight of books in Minerva Institute, bringing young Balli closer to the riddle. Around the same time the school fest is announced and a famous play is about to take place in his school for the first time, another incident links Balli to his coiled past. Unknown to him; he walks in with aplomb into the Final rehearsal of the play ‘Lost Shepherd’ with his friends. Balli watches the play and before he could realize he stands up to lend voice to the dance of lead actor

What were the reasons for this sudden rush of adrenaline? Were his dreams and reality linked to a distant past? The story travels forty years back; when around two generations ago Khem Singh dreamt a dream for the first time.

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Rajan Manocha

It could not keep me engaged. This book, like the earlier one I read today, needs a thorough grammar and spelling check.

Jun 05 '15


May 11 '15

Sudhansu M Nayak

Hi Nagendra,
The level of detailing is brilliant. They say-God lies in the details. When I am reading a literary fiction, I love to indulge in the environment and the soft ease with which the story progresses. It makes me think. Good job there. Would like to read more. All the best.
Warm regards

Mar 17 '15


Is this the whole manuscript? It certainly felt like that - very long chapters. Also hopefully this is not the entire manuscript as the stories seem miles apart and do not tie in with each other fluidly.
In the end, hopefully the story should tie in and make better sense.
However see how many times i have used the word 'Hopefully'?

Feb 26 '15

Deepak Kaul

Too much detail. Story gets lost in the details. At one point, I was left wondering what the story was. The reader should be able to get the drift without having to read the synopsis. Size of chapters is mismatched. Chapter 1 and 3 go on forever.

Feb 25 '15