The Whisperer
Anees M Maniyar

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'The Whisperer' is the story of the struggle between Mankind and the Jinns, since the time the Almighty created the universe. Each tried their best to prove their supremacy over the other and wars were fought over this. The faction of the Jinns, who were excommunicated from their tribes for being insolents and outlaws, connived to abet the Messiah of Darkness, the Eblis, in bringing the moral values of the Jinns and Mankind to destruction, since they knew that, the one who is virtuous can never be defeated by the darker shades of vileness.

Omar, belonged to the genealogy of the great Sufi poet of twelfth century; Moulana Rumi of Wakhsh. Moulana Rumi was enlightened with an art of making ‘Akseer Al-Hayaat’, an ‘Elixir of Life’, by the Almighty. The art was kept preserved and untouched by the coming generations of Rumi from the invasion of mankind and the Jinnkind. When the chieftain of the tribes of Insolent Jinns offered one of the forefathers of Omar a price for sharing those priceless secrets, he preferred leaving his homeland and travelling to a place called Bijapur across the Indian Ocean.

When the Chieftain of the Insolent Jinns chooses Aarob, a Jinn, to find out the secret recipe of the elixir, Omar gets caught in the middle. The girl he loves is possessed by Aarob who makes a deal with Omar to free his love in return for the secret recipe. But will Omar betray generations of his family and bestow the gift of immortality to those that that are undeserving?

'The Whisperer' will take you through the events that proclaim the victory of love, ethics and moral values and defeat of hatred, bestiality and wickedness; the saga of a sublime journey.

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Niyati Shinde

Very intriguing concept. Although the story is interesting, i was lost mid way due to the lack of punctuation marks. Yet, will like to read further :-)

Aug 05 '14

Sanjana Parikh

There is a lot of potential in the story, the beginning is extremely interesting. However, the pace is slow and I can't seem to visualise what you're trying to say. Also, there are absolutely NO quotation marks so I have no idea when the protagonist is talking to someone, thinking to himself or narrating to the readers. It's too confusing. I couldn't even finish the first chapter.

Jul 22 '14


Though the detailing provided was very high, it made me stay hooked with the first chapter. Second chapter was dry. Moulana Sahib's daughter's life appears like a flash and lags in between. On completing the third chapter, the feel to read more comes up. Best wishes!

Jul 01 '14

Vishal Seth

Superb, very nice book.

Jul 01 '14

Sandeep Kumar

Very nice book

Jun 16 '14

Balu Boss

One of the best :-)

Jun 12 '14